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Syntality™ and the Knowledge Generator™
What is the Knowledge Generator™ (KG)? It's a patented disruptor technology that is re-engineering the education and training markets. Using Syntality™ which is a "holistic approach to accelerated learning by actively doing." This is a classroom training method that empowers students to gain confidence in knowing that they can learn ANYTHING better and easier with more fun. The KG turns ANY textual content into a user's PERSONALIZED 'Gamification' Avatar interactive learning experience. The application is a revolutionary combination of DYNAMIC Real-Time microSelf-Learning, Training and Testing "all in one." This software system enables people to learn 32.3% better and up to 300% faster with 80% plus retention over traditional learning methods. It's as easy as copying and pasting YOUR content, and it will automatically create - your microSelf-Learning exercise. It will also provide tests when you engage with the content and show your scores and marks. NO teacher or course designer is required.
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More than 2.7 Million families are educating their children at home to provide better scholastic results, health and safety. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic more parents are seeking teaching tools to help them create exercises, tests and as their children engage with the content they will get automatic scores and recorded marks for parents or teachers to review. Mount Knowledge provides a Parent teaching assistant through it Knowledge Generator application. All a parent has to do is copy & paste the digital home work content into the KG and it will automatically generate exercises, test, scores and marks when the student engages with the content. With another click a different set of exercises, tests will be generate from the same pages. No student gets the same exercise from the same content. - It's DYNAMIC! -

Student Testimonials

"I have never been able to do essays or writing because of my lack of vocabulary. Since this program works the way my brain works, I now have a way to learn the words I used to struggle with."

Michael | High school student | Silverthorn Collegiate Institute

Wayne jumped out of his chair, 'Mommy, Mommy." he exclaimed as he ran to his mother showing the paper that he just learned, "I can do it , I can learn this." His mother turned to the teacher with a sense of relief and said, "God must have sent you to us."

Wayne | Grade 6 | Charles Best Middle School

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Student Engagement

A teacher's job is to present Data/information for students and to help turn this content into student's Knowledge (DyK). Research has shown that students focus best during 20 minutes after class starts and refocus 10 to 20 minutes before class ends. However, if a student has a passion for the subject, they could concentrate for hours (video games). Therefore, how to turn ANY word content into a video game to engage students? With the invention of the "KNOWLEDGE GENERATOR™," students are excited since they are now engaged in interacting with the content they need to learn. No one is criticizing their marks and abilities. If they do not like the score or marks, they can click on the button and try again until they get 100%.

DYNAMIC vs Static?

STATIC Learning. A text's book is a collection of static information. There is nothing you can do with the book except highlight and or take summary notes of what you feel are important passages. Thereafter, you will spend hours using ROTE learning to try and remember what you read for the test. DYNAMIC learning. The same text book is digitized and now you can click on the pages and it will automatically adjust the reading speed and highlight what you know and do not know. With another click it will create exercises and tests, automatically giving your scores and marks as you interact with the content. If you do not like the scores or marks you can click again and it will provide you with another set of exercises and test that is specifically personalized for you.


The secret to microSelf-Learning is continuous testing. How do you read a 350-page book? That's right, one page at a time. The results of testing validates your knowledge! Research has shown that repetitive testing is key to 80% or better knowledge acquisition. The Knowledge Generator system provides personalized microSelf-learning and automatic Self-Testing. With one click of a button the student will automatically receive another complete set of exercises and tests. No two students will get the same set of exercises and tests.

Personal Gamification

The Knowledge Generator Avatar provides Personalize “Gamification” of ANY Data, textual/content you want to learn into your Knowledge (DyK) in Dynamic Real-Time (DRT). It automatically creates an interactive visual and auditory game of the content you need or want to learn. The AI, KG provides a life-long Personalize Avatar Tutor from Preschool to Retirement. "You will know what you learned from school grades to corporate training over your lifetime."

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"I was amazed at the extremely high level of concentration and the rapid learning that the Knowledge Generator provided. The program's variety of interactive options uses different parts of the brain - sight, speech, listening, manipulation, the combination of which created high retention rates."

Bruce Miles | Special Needs Coordinator of Silverthorn Collegiate institute

“We brought in Mount Knowledge to give our students a learning advantage. I am excited with our test results. We will be installing it in our main computer lab for access by all classes."

Ron Ellis | Principal of Silverthorn Collegiate institute

“This software is good for those who need to make their literacy skills better” - “this software helps us to pronounce words in a better way.” - “this software has games in it that can help us increase our knowledge.” - “this software has the grammatical options that we can use to help us improve grammatical mistakes."

Brenda | Vice Principal of Stephen Lewis High School

“We have seen many English learning software technologies but never such an encompassing and powerful student centered learning application combined with interactive learning tools for teachers' that the Knowledge Generator application system provides; it enabled them to study faster and easier than before and pass their exams with higher marks.”

Dr. Li Zhengshuan | Dean, Hebei Normal University, College of Foreign languages, Shijiazhuang, China

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