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The mission was to create a DYNAMIC real-time educational and training application that will replace teachers and trainers with parents and managers. The result is the personalize gamification KNOWLEDGE GENERATOR Avatar application system and methods that enables people to learn 32.3% better and easier with more confidence and fun over traditional learning and training methods. When our founder Erwin Sniedzins organized a “Climb for Hope” Mt. Everest expedition, it was to raise money and international awareness of the Rett Syndrome charity. This was, a newly discovered genetic disorder that only affects girls and his daughter, Sarah. During his climb he spent some time in the Rongbuk monastery. It was here that he heard the monks chanting and he realized they were using cadence to past on information from one generation to the next. An epiphany occurred that made him wonder why and how do people learn and how could he use these techniques to help Sarah and other to learn easier and better. Thereafter, Mr. Sniedzins researched the Tibetan monks’ ancient learning techniques and was intrigued by the way they passed on “data/information and knowledge” through visualization and vocalization. He work many years with the Canadian Research Counsel, Universities and Professors in developing and designing Syntality™ – “A complete holistic approach to accelerated learning by actively doing”. This was a classroom training process that provided an, all-in-one learning system. Later, as technology caught up to his futurist ideas he applied all these training techniques to the Knowledge Generator™ products that the Company offers today.

Mount Knowledge

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What started as a charitable expedition to climb Mount Everest to raise international awareness and funds for Rett Syndrome became the challenges endured and the inspiration to develop a truly unique set of e-learning tools that the Company offers today. The vision of Founder, Erwin Sniedzins, was to develop a kCloud learning platform which would accelerate the transfer of “Data/information into your Knowledge” (DyK) faster and easier than traditional learning methods.


Provide a life-long personalized gamification, ML, AI kVatar eLearning tools for users of all ages by enabling them to build their confidence to learn any subject faster and easier. Raise the global educational delivery standard for all teachers to empower their students Raise the standard of living of all nations through the growth of Knowledge and Peace for their students Create a community of millions who seek a common goal of learning for life.




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