Middle School

Learning, interacting and remembering "All in One"! 

 By the time that your child(ren) finishes Middle school they should have a vocabulary of 18,000 words. What are these words and how will you and they know what words they have learned? If they had enrolled in the Knowledge Generator program they will have a record of when and how many words they will know now and later throughout their lifetime. Mount Knowledge has prepared most of the words and lessons that your child will need to know by the time they finish Middle School along with appropriate collection of textual content based on curriculum requirements.
Build up a solid vocabulary and grammar foundation for your child’s learning career- Start Now! We provide a broad context of interactive play-based and Real-Time microSelf-Learning content and microSelf-tests! All the content covers the learning expectations (vocabulary and basic grammar exercises) for your child’s elementary education. Our training course will help your child to have the confidence to handle the curriculum required in reading and writing assignments and get better scores by the time they get into middle school — guaranteed!