Erwin is a Dynamic, experienced visionary that can help you, your team and the company to reach your summits in personal development, leadership, creativity, sales, fundraising
-Educational Blockchain
-Machine Learning
-Making Mt. Everest Challenges into Stepping -Stones
-Creativity/Problem Solving
-Team Building
-Not-for-Profit Fundraising
-Travelled to 108 countries
-Mt. Everest expedition

Conferences, seminars and keynote presentations are another way to accelerate the latest information and future projections of global changes to hundreds and thousands of well connected thought thinkers around the world.

Prof. Erwin E. Sniedzins, President of Mount Knowledge Inc., Toronto Education Press Ltd. and Chief Executive Editor of Waterfront Magazine, Keynote speaker, patented inventor of the Knowledge Generator that uses Smart Intelligence, Machine Learning and Personal Gamification in DYNAMIC real-time that enables people to learn 32.3% better and up to 300% faster with more confidence and fun over traditional learning methods, Best Selling Author, award-winning poet and author of 12 books, created the Mount Everest “Climb for Hope” Expedition to raise International awareness and $1.3 Million for Rett Syndrome. This genetic disorder only affects girls who appear normal at birth but end up with severe disabilities, produced the Everest, Climb for Hope movie that won the Gold award at the New York Int’l Film Festival, Professor on Education that developed, Syntality and T21 utilising constructivism to teach & train teachers on how to handle information and technology in the classroom, created the National Everfitness board game that won Canada’s best National education award, established several charities, has a black belt in Shotokan karate, climbed Mt. Everest, bungee jumped, hand glided, parachuted, scuba diver. philanthropist, and travelled to 108 countries.