Turn Information into your Knowledge in 90 seconds - then it is FREE!
A student spends about 19,000 hours in schools to turn information into their knowledge to earn a College degree. 99% of these students will use static and rote learning to try and pass an exam. It does not have to be this way if you use Syntality and the Knowledge Generator.


Real Time Learning

The Knowledge Generator – A Dynamic Real Time microSelf-Learning & Self-Testing personalize Avatar Gamification educational system.
What is DYNAMIC real time vs. STATIC learning? DYNAMIC is the ability to learn whatever you want, whenever you want JUST BY COPYING AND PASTING IN THE MATERIAL YOU WANT TO LEARN. DYNAMIC is an interactive learning methodology. Teachers or course designers are optional or not needed. STATIC means that you have to learn what the teacher or on-line course present. It is a preordained structured content presentation for you to learn in a traditional passive learning method.
Create Your Own Learning World.
If you need to learn your school content for home work, your favourite topic, news or even fiction, you just need to copy and paste it into our DYNAMIC Real Time Knowledge Generator's microSelf-Learning and microSelf-Testing software engine. The application will automatically generate numerous exercises for you, from the textual materials that you input, to test you on your knowledge of the content and give you immediate feedback via personalize Gamification scores and final marks. Get started now and join the microSelf-Learning Expedition team to help you get to the top of your learning and Knowledge level desires sooner and easier than traditional learning methods.
Test Preparations - Preparation, practice and exam solutions for you!
The Knowledge Generator offers lessons with exercise and digital test or printed papers from elementary school to grade 12. There are over 100,000 lessons and exercises that can be produced from each page of content inputted that are focused on what students needs or wants to know in DYNAMIC Real-Time to help them get better marks and scores!
Based on student’s learning needs and learning difficulties, we provide student-centred learning plans and tools to help students focus on what they need to learn and remember. The numerous microSelf-Lessons, exercises and tests concentrate on listening, speaking, writing, comprehension and grammar. Students will be able to save time and energy and will not need to struggle with their studies to pass their tests or get better marks!