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Currently, more than 2.7 Million families are homeschooling their children. With the COVID-19 Pandemic virus and the fear of sending their children back to school not to mention the uncertainty of schools being open and teachers' availability parents are seeking alternative methods to school their family. 

Fortunately, education is a very structured business. From preschool to high school we know exactly what kind of subjects need to be learned and how many hours are allotted for each subject. Parents are not teachers in the academic sense. So how can parents teach their children well?

The answer is Syntality Accelerated Learning Systems and the patented Knowledge Generator. 

We need to examine the role of a teacher and what they fundamentally do? There are basically four steps to the learning process - data, information, knowledge and creativity.

1. The first step is data that is presented to the child/student. The teacher presents the data required by the Ministry of Education or School Board. What does the child/student do? The child/student looks at the data to understand its meaning. What are they trying to glean from the data presented?

2. That is correct - information. The child/student ascertains what they know and do not know. It is at this point that the teacher will interject with some kind of explanation of the content/data presented for illumination and then assign a time when the student will be tested.


3. THE STUDENTS ROLE IS TO TAKE THIS INFORMATION AND TURN IT INTO THEIR KNOWLEDGE. 99% of the students will use rote learning to try and memorise the information for the test. This creates a lot of stress for the student with about 30% of the students failing high school.

   a) What does knowledge give a student? Answer - CONFIDENCE!

4. Creativity or Problem Solving is the fourth stage of learning 

Mount Knowledge has patented an "All-in-One" Artificial Intelligence (AI) personal gamification microSelf-learning and microSelf-testing system and method that enables students to learn 32.3% better, with 80% retention over traditional learning methods. 

Parents are now able to acquire their own teaching Avatar that their family can use to turn school board content requirements into their children's knowledge through the Knowledge Generator that provides automatic testing, scores and marks with a life long report card system.

Teach your children well with the Knowledge Generator