To send or not to send that is the parental question to paraphrase Shakespeare. Parents are under a lot of pressure with on and off vacillation of school openings and teacher attendance.

If your are working parents your solutions are: 1. Drop child(ren) at a school that is open on your way to work. 2. One parent stays at home 3. Get a child sitter.

All of these options produces a lot of stress as you juggle, income and children's education. 

Other options are: 1. Homeschooling 2. Neighbourhood schooling 3. Private Learning Campus centres. Let's look at these options.

1. Homeschooling - If a parent is able to stay at home or unfortunately unemployed how can they teach their child(ren) well? Fortunately, their are a host of on-line programs and software available. But which ones do parents chose? In a lot of cases parents do not want to have their child(ren) doing courses on the internet due to the temptation of playing games or engaging with their friends without supervision. But their are good academic courses under parental monitoring.

For mathematics I would suggest Khan Academy. It is free although they ask you to make a donation if you can to help cover their costs. For all other subject try Mount Knowledge Inc out of Canada. They offer an offline or online software program called the Knowledge Generator that provides parent teaching tools such as a Dynamic real-time interactive Avatar gamification of the content the student needs to learn. The product enables students to learn 32.3% better and up to three times faster over traditional learning methods.