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The Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine is an impressive introduction to the culture of traditional Chinese medicine with its focus on being original, readable and informative. Based on his years of TCM study, the author Wang Hongcai vividly illustrates the elements of TCM, like meridians, acupoints, acupuncture and moxibustion, qi and the five zang viscera, both familiar and strange to us, as well as their stories throughout the ages, as if unfolding an extraordinary journey of TCM culture for readers. Engaged in the clinical practice and research on acupuncture for 30 years, Dr. Wang is rich in both TCM theories and practical experience. He was invited to more than 50 countries for medical treatment or academic exchanges and sent by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs or State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine to offer medical service for foreign leaders many times. With strong humanistic feelings, Dr. Wang does research on both medicine and humanity, adept at applying multi-thinking paradigms in interpreting the logic of life and health. Therefore, this book is surely a feast to the reader’s eyes.