The Rise of Educational Blockchain and Demise of Universities

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Statement of the Problem: In 143 BC, when Shishi elementary-high school in Chengdu, China, was founded to monasteries and the first universities (Karueein 859AD, Bologna 1088, Oxford 1096, Harvard 1636) all information was controlled through Institutional education. It was the Sages and Educators that dissipated what they deemed appropriate for their students.  Today 1.4 billion students listen to 68.9 million INSTRUCTIVIST teachers that fail 483 million dropped out students. The World Bank predicts that 600 million people will lose their job by 2032. On top of this, there are 463 million people unemployed today.  Big Data is inundating Educators, Students, Employers and Employees, causing a lot of stress, frustration, and lack of confidence in turning Data into their Knowledge (DyK) acquisition. More than 3.8 billion people are seeking relief from 3.4 Exabytes of daily data bombardment. Dramatic changes in education will eliminate teachers, university degreed programs and evaluators.

Solution: There are significant steps to dramatically transfer education from the dark ages into the 22nd-century super learners.

  1. How GANN and Machine Learning provides a Bridge between Exabytes of Data and Kilobytes of personalized Data
  2. Understand DYNAMIC real-time (DRT), microSelf-Learning (MSL), Self-Testing with automatic interactive engagement scores and marks for life
  3. What is automatic personalize GAMIFICATION of ANY content for student engagement in Dynamic real-time
  4. How will educational kVatars replace teachers?
  5. What is educational Blockchain and how it will affect universities?
  6. How will a learner's validated knowledge be automatically monetized?
  7. How will Universities roll in degreed programs be replaced with educational blockchain?
  8. Global educational infrastructure transformation deliver systems to 1.4 billion students

 The combination of AI, ML, DyK, MSL, Dynamic Personalized Gamification Avatar will enable people to experience relief in their quest to turn their DyK for lifetime monetization providing more confidence for future employment over traditional learning methods and Company's Human Resources evaluations.