The Rise of Educational Avatars & Demise of Teachers

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According to the World Bank, 600 million people will lose their job by 2032. About 463 million people are out of a job, an unemployment number greater than the EU population (446 Million). It is a horrendous projection of human tragedy that needs collective creativity and actions to mitigate within one generation.

We are in an industry that is over 393 years old. Do we sit in the same pews and spew the same methods year in year out? Or can we change

How will this be possible in such a short period?

There are 3 avenues we can take NOW as educators to address the dire future for students.

  1. Decide
  2. Educational kAvatars
  3. Educational Blockchain

Discover how you can structure a new learning method

What is the magnitude of the current education problems?

When will a kVatar replace a teacher?

Homeschooling vs traditional education pros & cons?

How to establish a global road map towards employment