Machine Learning for Student JIT Knowledge Acquisition

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Statement of the Problem: Big Data is inundating Educators, Students, Employers and Employees causing a lot of stress, frustration, and lack of confidence in Data acquisition. More than 3.8 billion people are seeking relief from 3.4 Exabytes of daily data bombardment.

Solution: Learn how educators can use GANN and Machine Learning to Bridge and filter Exabytes of Data to personalized Kilobytes of Data for Knowledge acquisition by using NLP and automatic GAMIFICATION in Dynamic real-time of ANY school content for interactive student engagement.

  • Machine Learning and Teachers
  • Structure Content vs Dynamic Content
  • Large Data into Small
  • Visual Association
  • Rote Learning vs Active

Results: Understand how the combination of GA, NLP, MSRL & Dynamic Gamification will enable STUDENTS to experience relief in their quest to turn DyK 32.3% better, faster and easier and with more confidence over traditional instructivisim learning methods.

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