Homeschooling with MicroSelf-Learning for better student marks

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In the USA, there are over 3.2 million homeschooler families. With COVID-19, more and more parents will be moving to homeschool their children. ‘To send or not to send back to a traditional school,’ that is the parental question to paraphrase Shakespeare

Parents are under a lot of pressure with on and off vacillation of school openings, teacher attendance, cultural subject material not supported by parent’s views and bullying.

Current public education is a 393-year-old industry. Transporting a teacher from the 1600 century could teach a class today. What has changed? Technology! Then why do students sit in the same pews to be taught the same way as ancient times a year in year out? Parents want to change the learning environment and dynamics towards personalized education?

With products such as the Knowledge Generator, Khan Academy, Udemy, and many more children do not need to go to traditional schools when parents can use an educational software tool bag to teach their children well.

 How can I maximize homeschooling results for my family?

  • What tools can parents use to accelerate their child(ren) knowledge acquisition to meet and exceed school results?
  • How can a parent be as good or better than a teacher?
  • Do you need the internet to school for your family?
  • How can I engage my child(ren) to keep studying?
  • How can I train my child(ren) accelerated learning techniques?
  • How do I help my child(ren) to engage in STEM subjects?
  • What are the 6 gifts that I can give my child(ren) for their lifelong successes?
  • Can parents assign a LIFELONG Personal Avatar tutor to their child to help them learn better & easier with greater confidence & fun over traditional school methods? – Barcelona