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Mount Knowledge Learning Campus provides educational services that range from Preschool to High School and retirement.

1. Preschool preparation for Elementary focusing on Music, Art, Vocabulary (3000 words plus), 2nd Language (Mandarin, Spanish, French), Syntality, Coding, STEM, Civility

2. Elementary continues with the Preschool steps leading to proficiencies in playing one or more musical instruments, fluency in 2nd language, art (face+hands), Syntality reading 3 times faster with 80% plus retention level, 25,000-word vocabulary, Coding, Math, Science, Finance, Nutrition, Fitness, Civility and Public Debate

3. High School - Information into Knowledge efficiency, Music, Art, STEM, Literature and Philosophy, Problem Solving, Creativity, Leadership, Finding Your Mountain, Start-ups, Salesmanship, Fitness and Health,  

Business - Entrepreneurial, Strategical Thinking, Leadership, Creativity, Marketing, Sales Training, Public Speaking,