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Neighbourhood parents are joining forces to offer educational services to their community to form learning pods for their children's engagement. 

Mount Knowledge™ is excited to present its patented "BEST IN CLASS" Smart Software, Machine Learning (ML) personalize "Gamification" Knowledge Generator (KG) Avatar technology. It is a revolutionary combination of DYNAMIC - Real-Time microSelf-Learning, microSelf-Training and reinforcement Testing "All in One" system that enables people to learn scientifically 32.3% better and up to three times faster with 80% to 90% or better retention.

The AI Gamification application provides a personalized Avatar approach that looks at what the user knows and does not know and will automatically generate personalized interactive lessons, 'gamified' exercises and tests with immediate marks, scores, answers and reports on their results. From one page of text, the KG Avatar engine can automatically create over 100,000 different SETS of exercises, tests, marks and life-long reports. - KG Demo