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Hundreds of years ago homeschooling was the norm in between farming and household chores. Not every family could offer their children an education but every family knew that with a good education your children's future would be brighter. In 1918 there was the Spanish Flu that decimated millions and families stayed at home.

Today, the global COVID-19 pandemic has parents concerned about sending their children back to school. What are the alternatives? Take a chance and send your child to school or have your child stay at home and hire a teacher or tutor to teach your child.  Thankfully, if your child is going to be homeschooled artificial intelligence is becoming the go-to solution from Zoom to smart learning software and online learning. 

One of the pitfalls with online learning is that students get easily distracted by playing their favourite games and socializing with their friends instead of studying. 

The Knowledge Generator addresses these concerns with its patented "BEST IN CLASS" Smart Software, Machine Learning (ML) personalize "Gamification" Knowledge Generator (KG) Avatar technology. It is a revolutionary combination of DYNAMIC - Real-Time microSelf-Learning, microSelf-Training, and reinforcement Testing "All in One" system that enables people to learn scientifically 32.3% better and up to three times faster with 80% retention. No INTERNET or TEACHER is required - just coaching parents.