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The Power of Syntality & Knowledge Generator for Active Learning

"Syntality is a holistic approach to accelerated learning by actively doing."

Humans only have three ways to input data - 1. Visual 2. Auditory 3. Tactile

The principals used in Syntality are time-proven systems and methods to enable students to learn 32.3% better, 300% faster with more confidence and fun. 

The Knowledge Generator (KG) is a real-time DYNAMIC "all-in-one" smart intelligence, machine learning, personalize gamification of any content, patented application system and method that provide automatic lessons, exercises, tests, scores and marks producing 32.#% better results, 80% or better retention, up to 300% faster reading speed,

Research (Mayer, Moreno et al) has shown that if you combine visual and auditory senses a person would learn 32.3% better over traditional learning methods. When you add specific learning tools such as speed reading, keywords, automatic summarization of any content, interactive content engagement, personalize gamification than students, parents, teachers and trainers have a systemic method and system to enable people to learn 32.3% better, faster and easier. The Syntality and Knowledge Generator are 24 to 36-hour training programs.

The products are used for special needs, gifted and general students, homeschooling, corporate training. ESL, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, Blended English and Subject learning.

Syntality provides a tool bag for your mind. It is a training program that starts with three hours to 24 hours and covers 6 learning tools.

1. P. A. S. S. - Personal Action Success Strategies. 

2. Learning Techniques

3. Memory Builder

4. Note Taking

5. Speed Learning

6. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Parents now have powerful teaching and training tools that will help them to automatically create lessons, exercises and tests for their families. Students have personalized gamification that will turn the content that they need or want to learn into an interactive content game that displays their correct scores and final marks.

All interactive learning activity, time duration and marks are recorded for student, employee, parent, trainer, manager for life-long learning feedback.

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  • Personalize gamification learning on ANY Content
  • Classroom Training Available on Weekends and evenings
  • Fully refundable within 7 days of training date - less administration fee.