Syntality UCANDU Accelerated Learning Homeschooling Training-Vol 2

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Syntality™ is a "holistic approach to accelerated learning by actively doing"  classroom and Homeschooling training method that empowers students to gain confidence in knowing that they can learn English, Science, History, Math, 32.3% better and easier with more fun.

What is Accelerated Learning? It is learning from explicit (text, lecture, video) or implicit (context, intuition, body language) sources of information which is a trainable skill.

In Volume two Syntality training covers the following topics:

  • Building your Vocabulary
  • Essay Writing
  • Efficient Reading Techniques
  • Graphical Learning\
  • Your Emotions
  • Public Speaking 
  • Sales and Story Telling Development

Syntality is an investment into an interactive training program for your lifelong success.