Syntality UCANDU Accelerated Learning Homeschooling Training - Vol 1

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Syntality is a "holistic approach to accelerated learning by actively doing"  classroom and Homeschooling training method that empowers students to gain confidence in knowing that they can learn English, Science, History, Math, 32.3% better, easier with more confidence and fun over traditional learning methods.

What is Accelerated Learning? It is learning from explicit (text, lecture, video) or implicit (context, intuition, body language) sources of information which is a trainable skill.

In Volume One Syntality training covers the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • P.A.S.S. - Personal Action Success Strategies
  • Visualization 
  • Association
  • Methods of Classification
  • Efficient Listening
  • Note Taking Formats
  • Mnemonic Prompts
  • Numerical Memory System

Syntality is an investment into an interactive training program for your lifelong success.