The New Exegesis of the Word and the World

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The parables between the theory of relativity and cultures

The New Exegesis of the Word and the World is a homily interpretation of the universe based on the Theory of Relativity through the modern view of the formation of the universe: one is the macroscopic blueprint of the universe, that is, the cosmic microwave background radiation map drawn by the Planck detector; the other is the starting point (singularity) when the microcosm formed, and the ending point (black hole) after the universe returns. Prof. Zhong Sen recounts the Word and the World story as parables between mutual verification of traditional culture and modern science.

The translation by Profs Li Xiaoyang and Ren Huijun into English pursues the simplicity of the parable of The Word and the World, compatible in style, and transparent in semantics, just like the original.